John Van Roekel

John is the author of two novels of historical fiction: Braver Deeds and Prisoner Moon.

John awoke one morning in 1994 after reading Nathan Miller’s excellent biography of Theodore Roosevelt, and told his astonished wife Pam that he was going to write a novel about the African-American cavalry regiments and their history, especially during the Spanish-American War. Braver Deeds, originally published in 2009, is the result.

Back in 2002, John started work on his World War II home front novel, Prisoner Moon. After years of work, it was published in 2012.

John is currently working on his third historical novel, Lorenzo’s Assassin, which is set against the backdrop of the Pazzi Conspiracy when Pope Sixtus IV plotted to murder Lorenzo the Magnificent. Look for it in early 2016.

In addition, he has edited the World War II letters of his father, Paul Van Roekel, and made them available on this web site.

John is available for readings and for book club discussions in the San Diego area. Please email

For some personal information, see About Pam & John.

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